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07-14 GT500 720HP Gen2R

07-14 GT500 720HP Gen2R

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  • VMP’s Gen2R – 2.3 L supercharger
  • Bolt-on replacement
  • VMP Twinjet 67 mm throttle body
  • Your choice of VMP pulley (2.4", 2.5", 2.6", or 2.8’")
  • 1-year warranty
  • Technical and racer support
  • May be used with 10% or 15% over drive lower crank pulley for 17-23 psi
  • Fits 2007-2014 Shelby GT500

Looking to limit boost on the road course street and maximize power on the drag strip? The VMP Shelby GT500 Gen2R 2.3 L supercharger 720 horsepower kit was designed with you in mind. Most 2007-2009 Shelby’s baseline at 420-460 rwhp stock, and 2010-2012 at 460-480 rwhp stock. The VMP Gen2R 720 HP kit adds 170-220 rwhp over the base stock horsepower numbers. Delivering an impressive 660-690 rwhp to your GT500, depending on boost level and modifications, this kit will require fuel upgrades at higher power levels. Boost chart (at sea level) with included supercharger pulley vs crank pulley/balancer size:

SC Pulley
Stock Balancer 10% OD Balancer 15% OD Balancer
18 psi 20-21 psi 21-23 psi
17 psi 18-19 psi 20-21 psi
16 psi 16-17 psi 18-19 psi
14-15 psi
Step up to 2.60" recommended
Step up to 2.60" recommended


Boost is an estimate based on stock exhaust. Subtract 1 psi for off-road exhaust or long tube headers.

Max recommended boost at sea level is 16-17psi before fuel upgrades are required on 07-10 cars. If you are significantly above sea level you can run a more agressive pulley combination to make up for the altitude.

2007-2010 GT500 - VMP’s maximum recommended boost at sea level is 16-17 psi before fuel upgrades are required. If you’re significantly above sea level, you can run a more aggressive pulley combination to make up for the altitude. 

VMP Tune is NOT included.